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Protect High Touch Surfaces – Make Surfaces Germicidal For 30 Days

By Jarrod Collinson | Jul 9, 2020

With Coronavirus on the loose it is critical to take care around high touch surfaces. Ideally, remove or avoid the need for frequent touching, however, sometimes there’s no way to completely remove the need to touch something. The next best options are offer both engineering and administrative controls around the hazard. Don’t worry, I agree…

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How your facility can benefit from the ultimate natural bacteria-killing machines

By Jarrod Collinson | Jun 26, 2020

In this post, we will explore Bacteriophages a.k.a phages for short & how they can be used to kill specific strains of bacteria without being harmful to anything else. Phages are a natural solution to problems we look to solve with chemicals. What are Bacteriophges? As defined by Dr Cathrine Shaffer, Bacteriophages are small, virus-like…

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Internal VS External Cleaning Teams

By Jarrod Collinson | Jun 17, 2020

In the Food & Beverage Industry, cleaning is paramount for brand longevity and success. The industry has several key auditors & regulatory bodies who expect you to meet a certain level of hygiene – which, if not met could see a business penalised or even shut down. When choosing an in-house or outsourced structure for…

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How SKG Cleaned Cedar Meats

By Jarrod Collinson | Jun 1, 2020

On the 11th of May, Cedar Meats reached out to SKG under the instruction of the Victorian Department of Health to consult us, as industry leaders, to conduct an antiviral deep clean in their Brooklyn facility to ensure remediation of the coronavirus contamination.  Between the 11th and the 14th of May, we developed a bespoke…

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Cleaners: Underrated Hero’s

By Jarrod Collinson | May 14, 2020

The cleaning industry is changing, it is an industry of critical importance to society, keeping both people and business healthy. However, the industry is grossly overlooked by many that do not actually understand the significance of ‘cleaning’. To the untrained eye, cleaning may be degraded as a service that is not critical to business continuity,…

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The ‘New Normal’ – Hygiene Expectations Post Coronavirus

By Jarrod Collinson | May 7, 2020

It is no secret that this pandemic will cause and is causing a paradigm shift in many sectors, businesses and even economies. This situation is unprecedented – the global economy has never stood still, simultaneously, ever before. The good news, coronaviruses grasp on the world is limited. It is only a matter of time until…

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Appropriate PPE for protection against COVID-19

By Jarrod Collinson | Apr 24, 2020

SKG breakdown the personal protective equipment that we are using to protect our employees from coronavirus.

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3 Myths about COVID-19

By Jarrod Collinson | Apr 14, 2020

At SKG we are all about the facts. Enjoy our COVID-19 myth busting blog as Sanikleen experts unveil the truth.

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Social Distancing Effectiveness

4 Simple Things you can do to help avoid contracting COVID-19

By Jarrod Collinson | Apr 6, 2020

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are most effective. Here are 4 easy tips and tricks you can implement immediately to reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19.

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