At SKG our focus is on delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to our customers, with the aim of reducing cleaning time and costs while achieving the highest standards in safety. We partner with the very best suppliers in the industry, allowing us to deliver the highest quality cleaning systems to our customers. We also provide installation service and ongoing maintenance support for all our equipment. We work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

All our suppliers’ equipment has been carefully selected by SKG through extensive research, trials and tests; we only work with the best in the business. Our three key equipment suppliers offer the highest quality products for both value and performance, ensuring our customers achieve the highest standards in food hygiene.


Arguably the global leading business in the industry, Lagafors develops and produces innovative cleaning systems and tailor-made hygiene solutions for the food industry, with a focus on cost-efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

SKG can provide your facility with a custom array of distinct hygiene solutions from low-pressure Centralised and Decentralised cleaning systems to mobile units, parts and accessories. Lagafors systems are at the cutting edge of hygiene in the food industry and are our choice for the most flexible and reliable cleaning systems to protect your product.

The Decentralised Cleaning System (DCS) is our most commonly supplied system, featuring a water pump (mother station) unit located either inside or outside the production area that extends into a number of satellite stations strategically situated throughout the area. Each satellite station comprises a hose connection for pressurised water, chemical solution and disinfectant solution, offering a dynamic and flexible performance and making the cleaning process easy.


The Central Cleaning System (CCS) works similarly to the DCS, however the water pump and variable chemical centres are housed and controlled in one central location, connecting media satellites throughout your plant via a pipe system. With the central dosing and storage of chemicals, this means that no concentrated chemical solutions are handled or stored within your production areas, whilst servicing, maintenance and settings can all be made centrally in one place. The central components provide the correct pressure, flow and chemical concentration where they are needed, subsequently reducing the use of warm water and chemicals resulting in less water wastage. The CCS meets the highest standards for capacity, performance and quality, and enables you to obtain ultimate hygiene results at a reduced cost with minimal environmental impact.


SKG is the sole distributor for all Lagafors equipment within Australia and New Zealand.


CleanAccess, our Polish-based equipment supplier, focuses on the production and distribution of various certified accessories for cleaning systems specifically used on food production sites. CleanAccess accessories designed and manufactured to provide efficient washing, foaming, rinsing, and disinfection solutions.

The Ultra Hygienic® Hose offers the highest quality in medium and low-pressure system hoses. Made from hard-wearing PVC and polyester to withstand high temperature and pressure, its six-layer design boasts a high chemical resistance and exceptional flexibility and durability to stand up in the toughest environments.


To complement this cost-saving design SKG have the ability to provide Ultra Hygienic® Hoses in custom lengths and a range of colours, but the advantages don’t stop there.

Equipped with the versatility of stainless steel twisted fittings, we now offer one of the most cost-effective and long-lasting hose solutions in the industry. As opposed to commonly used crimped fittings, twisted fittings are designed to take into account the hose wall thickness and diameter, totally eliminating the possibility of leaks and best of all; they are reusable, meaning that you can simply remove the fitting and reapply it to a new or reduced length hose.


For a complete accessory system, purpose-built CleanAccess nozzles are available with antibacterial bacteriostatic properties which reduce the possibility of surface cross-contamination from the nozzle protection material. The Antimicrobial Polsilver addative limits the growth of bacteria on the polypropylene nozzle by up to 92.1%. Its smart hexagonal design prevents the nozzle from rolling and therefore being lost or misplaced.


The longevity and consequent cost-effectiveness of our Polish supplied accessories make them one of the most functional and effective solutions in the industry and SKG are proud to be the sole distributors of CleanAccess products here in Australia.


With operations in 30 countries across 5 continents, FOAMICO® is a manufacturer of high quality cleaning solutions in the food and beverage industry, receiving high recognition for their products’ efficiency and reliability.

FOAMICO® supplies a variety of high quality stainless steel accessories that are purpose-built and compatible with our equipment range. As an alternative to our premium range of equipment and accessories, our variety of FOAMICO® products offer an affordable and reliable solution to complement your cleaning system.

With colour coded nozzles and lances as well as hoses, hose holders, spray guns and low-pressure valves, we can kit out your cleaning system for optimal user friendliness, organisation and quality performance.


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